Research as a starting point

Refrasud International, in refractory products it produces and sells, uses a special chemical called conditioning CARBONXIDE®, which gives the finished product specific chemical and physical characteristics.

During the sintering phase CARBONXIDE®, facilitates the formation of a better distributed and widespread microstructure and microporosity, compared to standard refractory products.

Advantages to be underlined:

  1. Energy costs reduction
  2. Longer life of refractory products
  3. Minor maintenance costs

Thanks to the introduction on the market of this conditioner that can be used in almost all the refractory products (except of refractory cements and castables containing aluminum phosphate or chemically bonded alumina bricks), Refrasud is able to improve and increase performances of these products in terms of thermal capacity and duration.

A major part of the merit of this innovation lies in a special attention that Refrasud has always paid to Research, placing continued testing programs as a center of its activities, at Société Française de Ceramique, Department of Innovation Engineering, University of Lecce, Department of Materials Engineering -University of Trento and the CSM Materials Development Center and the Institute Giordano.

Download "description sheet" Carbonxide.

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