Refractory Innovation technology

R.E.F.R.A. SUD is an ‘Italian company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of innovative products for the refractory industry.

Our Strengths

Care and respect for the environment and health

Always adopts the R.E.F.R.A.SUD  Environmental Management System, in accordance with the law and protecting natural resources.

Certified quality and reliability

The company’s products R.E.F.R.A.SUD is surrounded by an envelope of specific services such as experience, professionalism, safety, technical advice, assistance pre and post-sales.

Research as a starting point

R.E.F.R.A.SUD in refractory products it produces and sells, uses a special chemical called conditioning CARBONXIDE®, which gives the finished product specific chemical and physical characteristics.


  1. Energy costs reduction.
  2. Longer life of refractory products.
  3. Minor maintenance costs.

Use of our additive allows:

  • a different distribution of the pores (considerable increase in the number of pores with a smaller diameter)
  • higher values of mechanical strength and modulus of failure
  • a significant reduction in thermal conductivity
  • better abrasion resistance

Imported several companies have tested the technology R.E.F.R.A.SUD, obtaining a satisfactory result and improvement to their business, scrupulously reported.